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This site endeavours to collect together theological material of practical import to Christians where, in many cases, the material is not readily available on-line or in print.

During the lock-down period and now when meeting together is difficult, listening to sermons on-line has been a huge blessing to many. Some are listening to expository, biblical, sermons for the first time. Here are 300 or so sermons in MP3 format for you to listen to at home. There are also some MP4 format videos to download. The sermons were mainly preached in or near Liss (Hampshire), Lee Mill (Devon) or Ashford (Middlesex), UK.

New Books available from Amazon

The Songs of Ascents and Eight Last Davidic Psalms - Bible Studies in Psalms 120-145 (2020 - 2nd Edition)

Songs of Ascents and Eight Last Davidic Psalms Bible Studies book front cover It has become popular for churches to study some psalms over the summer. However, the 26 later psalms, 120 to 145, rarely get covered, so this book endeavours to provide pre-digested Bible studies that anyone with a little Bible knowledge can lead with confidence. The songs of ascents are mainly short psalms, but contain a wealth of wisdom, theology and worship. The eight last Davidic psalms are also made thoroughly accessible. The agonising Psalm 137, 'By the waters of Babylon', is also included. Each study should take less than an hour unless the group is too large or chatty! The studies are God-centred and 'applied' to make sure that the group members understand, worship and grow in their faith-lives.

Preview the expanded and improved 2nd Edition here. Many Amazon users can read it free. Everyone can get the Kindle version for 99p.

The normal paperback version is available from here, and is posted very quickly.

A kindle version is available from here, which I think is dirt cheap; every member of a Bible study small group can have one 😁.

Here is the table of contents to whet your appetite:

1. Psalm 120 - A Cry of Distress 3
2. Psalm 121 - Speaking to One Another... 4
3. Psalm 122 - Church Peace 7
4. Psalm 123 - Humble Prayer 8
5. Psalm 124 - What Might Have Been 10
6. Psalm 125 - Two Kingdoms, Two Destinies 12
7. Psalm 126 - Then and Now 14
8. Psalm 127 - God the Builder 16
9. Psalm 128 - Blessing Your Family, Church and Humanity 18
10. Psalm 129 - The Alternative to Receiving God's Blessing 20
11. Psalm 130 - True Fear of God 23
12. Psalm 131 - Mind Your Own Business 25
13. Psalm 132 - In the Name of David's Greater Son 26
14. Psalm 133 - Precious Unity 29
15. Psalm 134 - 24/7 Worship: Mystic Sweet Communion 33
16. Psalm 135 - You Can Only Trust Him If You Can Praise Him! 36
17. Psalm 136 - A Big Thank You 38
18. Psalm 137 - Praying for Enemies 41
19. Psalm 138 - God's Goodness to the Lowly 43
20. Psalm 139 - The Omni-God 46
21. Psalm 140 - The Just God 49
22. Psalm 141 - Lead me not into Temptation 52
23. Psalm 142 - A Cave Prayer 56
24. Psalm 143 - Meditation and Prayer 59
25. Psalm 144 - Part Your Heavens, LORD 62
26. Psalm 145 - The ABC of Praise

Humour in the Bible (2019)

Humour in the Bible book front cover This is actually a completely serious book, albeit one written in a style that is appropriate for a book about humour! Hence the John McEnro look-alike on the cover, with his famous outburst as the subtitle, "You canNOT be Serious!" If we fail to spot the humour in the Bible we will misunderstand it, misinterpret it, and misapply it; that is, we will do the wrong thing. So this book helps us to tune in to biblical humour so that we can understand the Bible properly when it is being humorous. But beware: Biblical humour if often unlike our own humour and, furthermore, when the Bible is humourous it is often at its MOST serious. Although not exhaustive, this book covers the whole Bible.

The kindle version is available from here, which I think is dirt cheap.

The normal paper version is also available from here.

Here is some of the table of contents to whet your appetite:

1. Introduction
2. Humour in the Pentateuch
2.1 Genesis
2.2 Exodus
2.3 Leviticus


7. Humour in the Apocrypha (included by way of contrast!)


10.6 Revelation

Covenants for Evangelicals (2019)

Covenants for Evangelicals book front cover Many Evangelical Christians will benefit from having a better, more detailed, and applied understanding of biblical covenant theology. God's covenants affect you, your family, and ultimately everybody. But making the connection between scripture and actual day-to-day Christian living needs popular wrong ideas to be challenged, a logical explanation of a biblical covenant theology, and helpful advice on how to trust and obey God's covenants in the Bible in 21st Century.

The kindle version is available from here.

The black and white version is also available from here VERY cheaply!

The full colour, larger print, version is available from here.

Here is the table of contents to whet your appetite:

Part I The Argument
1. Introduction
2. New 'T-Total' Christians
3. What is a Covenant?
4. Are the Old and New Covenants the same as the Old and New Testaments?
5. How Not to Do Covenant Theology
6. How Many Covenants Are There?
6.1 God's Covenant with Creation
6.2 God's Covenant with Abraham
6.3 God's Covenant with David
    Excursus on the Chronology of the Davidic Covenant
7. How Long Does it Take to 'Cut' a Covenant?
8. Are God's Covenants Everlasting?
9. How Do We Know Which Covenants Apply to Us?
10. All Five Covenants Feature a Fall, Judgement and Salvation
    Excursus on The Meaning and Mode of Christian Baptism
11. Must we keep the Ten Commandments?
12. What are the Covenant Signs and Seals?
13. With Whom does God Make Covenants?
    Excursus on The Subjects of Christian Baptism
    Excursus on the Purpose of 'Paidobaptism'
14. What is Church?
15. Is Covenant Theology Christ-centred?
16. 'Faith' - The Right Response to God's Covenants

Part II The Application
17. Problems Solved by Covenant Theology
17.1 The Sabbath
17.2 Parenting
17.3 Subjects of Baptism
17.4 Church Membership
17.5 Teaching Your Children to Pray
17.6 Infant Death and Salvation
17.7 Sunday School
17.8 Prodigals
17.9 Reversing National Spiritual Decline
17.10 The Language of Evangelism
17.11 Theonomy/Reconstructionism
17.12 Health, Wealth and Prosperity
17.13 Anti-Semitism
18. Terminology

Theological Articles and Stuff

This site endeavours to collect together theological material of practical import to Christians in cases where that material is not readily available on-line or in print.

  1. The Devil, the Christian and Thought Injection Can Satan plant brand new thoughts in your mind? A consideration of a popular myth and some relevant texts by D.W. Legg.
  2. How to Recover after Sinning Despite reading the above article about resisting the Devil, you just did your favourite sin again. So, has God written you off or what? Notes from a 'Christian Basics Course' run at Hounslow West Evangelical Church, by Chris Bennett.
  3. Our Brother Timothy Who did write the book of 'Hebrews'? Can we know, or must it remain a mystery? By J.D. Legg
  4. The Case for Infant Baptism Would you like to become a Covenant Baptist? Read this article for a brief by Chris Bennett and make your doctrine of baptism more biblical. See also
  5. The Meaning and Mode of Christian Baptism Many people have had a stab at writing what they think the true meaning of Christian baptism is. Too often, they read into Biblical texts meanings that they wish were there, but are not. This article attempts to answer the questions "What is baptism about?" and "How should it be done?" This is just a short, simple, article, but for a longer treatment, see Francis Schaeffer or Jay E. Adams. This article is dedicated to the elders of Ashford Congregational Church.
  6. Practical Atheism Are you a practical atheist? Give your faith a health check with the help of B.B. Warfield.
  7. Churches Together and Ecumenism What are the problems for Evangelicals who are tempted to join Churches Together? Surely the Bible doesn't have anything to say on the matter does it?
  8. Church Membership in a Post-Modern, Consumer, Society In the Western world, many churches find that fewer than half of the people in their Sunday congregations have committed themselves as church members. They are just consumers,along for the ride, but uncommitted. Is the notion of church membership biblical, or is it just an outmoded cultural manifestation?
  9. What is Worship? What is the purpose of Christian meetings? Have we slipped back into Old Testament worship? Chris Bennett explains.
  10. Bringing up Children for God (HTML) Perhaps you are a Christian parent, doing your very best to bring up your children according to the Bible so that they too become Christians. Perhaps you have lots of questions in your mind ...
  11. One-Two-Three A simple catechism for very young children. A cunning structure allows this catechism to be used with children in the age range under two to ten years old simultaneously.
  12. Children's Catechism A catechism for children, with a memory verse for each question, and a set of seven daily Bible readings. This catechism is suitable for use during daily family worship.
  13. Small Children's Bible Reading Notes Do you have youngsters who are too young for any published Bible reading notes. This example notes show how any parent can do his own DIY notes for 4 to 7 years olds.
  14. Theory for Correctly Interpreting Ecclesiastes Here is a sermon (14MB free MP3 download) introducing a preaching series in Ecclesiastes, called "Don't Do Life the Hard Way". It pre-digests Barry Webb's understanding of how to interpret Ecclesiastes correctly and applies it. Barry Webb's short, but stimulating commentary is in 'Five Festal Garments' from IVP.
  15. Introduction to Genesis and Exposition of Chapter 50v20 This is a 33 minute (18MiB) MP3 file of a sermon preached at Ashford Congregational Church on 29th Feb, 2010. It introduces the book of Genesis and focuses particularly on the key verse, 50v20, that summarises the message of the whole book. Applications are in the areas worshipping and trusting the sovereign God, and basing forgiveness of others on a belief in God's sovereignty.
  16. Simple Bioethics information for Christians (and others, who want to honour God with their gametes)
    At the end of the 20th Century, Christians were all fired-up and well-informed about bioethics. The 1967 UK Abortion Act seemed to be implementing atheism as the new anti-christian orthdoxy. But since the dawn of the 21st Century, Christians seem to have forgotten about bioethics. We have been worn down by the world's relentless pressure. Time to revisit some basics ...

Bible Study Ideas

Arrangements of Old Songs/Hymns to New Music
These arrangements were made in Rosegarden (rosegarden4) for Linux under Fedora 8 or earlier, and are free to download also as PDF files and MIDI files.

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