A Poetic Summary of the Book of Nehemiah

Do you struggle to remember what the book of Nehemiah is all about? Well, the following (nearly worthless) limerick is at least memorable, and should enable anyone to recite a quick summary of the major characters and plot of the book.

There was a young chap called Tobiah,
Who observed Zion's walls getting 'igher;
His friend, Sanballat, 
Said "'Ere look at that!"
It's that dreadful young Jew, Nehemiah.

Sanballat had put it like so:
"Let's meet on the plains of Ono."
He had a good ruse
To deal those Jews;
But, said Nehemiah, "Oh No."

Tobiah had got a pet fox,
That he said could knock down Israel's rocks.
"Remember Tobiah",
Prayed old Nehemiah,
"And each of the prophets that mocks." 

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