SATB Setting of the Christmas Carol 'Midnight Christians = O Holy Night'
Translated from the original French and arranged by D.W. Legg 2010

This version is for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, plus guitar continuo, or more probably a digital piano with a nice guitar setting/stop.

The verse is sung softly by the sopranos and altos with guitar/piano accompaniment; the tenors and basses then join in for the chorus, with the piano or guitar doubling the bass line. This should have the effect of quadrupling the volume for the chorus.

The words were taken from Adolphe Adam's original French carol 'O Holy Night' ('Cantique de Noël'). See wikipedia for more background to the words and different versions etc. The traditional English translation known as 'O Holy Night' is not really a translation and is basically sentimental gubbins, whereas the original contains important Christian doctrine such as the deity and humanity of Christ, original sin, grace coming through the Son, etc.

It is suitable for performance by amateurs, and has been performed once to my knowledge, at the Ashford Congregation Church 'Carols by Candlelight' service in 2010. Copyright David W. Legg 2010.

Just email me if you want to use it (free) or for an mp3 file of the arrangement (d w l e g g at

PDF version of Midnight Christians
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MIDI version of Midnight Christians
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Rosegarden V11 version of Midnight Christians
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Midnight, Christians

Christians, midnight will mark the solemn hour,
When the God-Man came down to be with us.
To erase the sin of Adam's fallen race,
and to unlock all his holy father's grace.
The whole world quakes in eager expectation,
On this night that brings to you salvation.

	Fall on your knees,
	O now is your deliverance,
	Noël, Noël, the saviour is here,
	Noël, Noël, the saviour is here.

Our faith is like a brightly burning light;
Guiding all to the infant's cradle-side.
Just as once before, a brightly shining star,
Guided the oriental kings from afar.
The King of Kings born in a humble manger:
Powers today, so proud of all your greatness,

	Full of your pride:
	This is what God accuses.
	So bow your heads; the saviour is here.
	So bow your heads; the saviour is here.

The saviour overcame every last wall,
Earth is free, heaven open now to all.
There is now a brother where there was a slave,
Those bound by iron, united now by love.
O, who will tell him of our gratitude?
For us he was born and died and suffered.

	Rise from your knees,
	O sing of your deliverance.
	Noël, Noël, the saviour is here,
	Noël, Noël, the saviour is here.
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