Questions and Answers for Very Young Children

By David Legg, 1992.

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One-Two-Three is a simple teaching tool (catechism) intended for parents to use with their children from a very early age.

In a series of 10 questions and answers, it introduces children to basic truths about the character of God, human nature, the Lord Jesus Christ and our need to be forgiven.

It can be used in three stages.

Q1. How many gods do we worship?

A. We worship only one God (who is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.)

Q2. Where do we learn about God?

A. We learn about God in the Bible, (and also through what he has made.)

Q3. What has God made?

A. God has made everything ( - the Sun, the Moon, plants, animals, Mummy, Daddy and me.)

Q4. Did anyone make God?

A. No, (God has always been God.)

Q5. What is God like?

A. God is good, (and loving and powerful.)

Q6. What are we all like?

A. We are all bad, (but God wants to forgive us and make us good.)

Q7. Who is Jesus?

A. Jesus is God (the Son, and human, like us.)

Q8. Is Jesus good?

A. Yes, (but he was punished so that we can be forgiven.)

Q9. Who must we trust for God to forgive us?

A. We must trust Jesus (in order to be forgiven and made good.)

Q10. Who must we try to be like?

A. We must try to be like Jesus (with help from the Holy Spirit.)

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