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This site endeavours to collect together theological material of practical import to Christians where, in many cases, the material is not readily available on-line or in print.

During the recent COVID lock-down periods, listening to sermons on-line has been a huge blessing to many. Some are listening to expository, biblical, sermons for the first time. Here and Here are about 380 sermons in MP3 format for you to listen to at home. There are also some MP4 format videos to download. The sermons were mainly preached in or near Liss and Liphook (Hampshire), Lee Mill (Devon) or Ashford (Middlesex), UK. There are currently between 3,000 and 4,000 downloads each year :).

Readers may also be interested to see a brief obituary for my late Dad, John D. Legg, here.

New Books available from Covenant Books UK on Amazon and other book shops

A new set of Bible studies in Chronicles

Bible study manual in 1 and 2 Chronicles cover and Amazon page

One and Two Chronicles, or First and Second Chronicles were originally a single book in the Hebrew Bible. Together they amount to 29+36=65 chapters! In fact, Chronicles is the largest book in the Bible! This means that it can be daunting to study as a home group or even individually.

However, help is at hand to enable you to study the whole book, and to read most of it with the minimum of effort and preparation, but with lots of help. This Bible study manual chops the whole book up into 22 convenient studies that will easily fit into 6 months, or two school terms. Often Bible maps are irrelevant to studying a book of the Bible - not so with Chronicles. The maps in this study guide will make it very clear how the kingdom expanded, was divided and eventually dwindled through exile and defeat. Other illustrations and tables will also enhance the readers' understanding of Chronicles.

Chronicles has a lot to tell the modern kingdom of God, and there is much Christ-centred theology to be excavated. This study guide is available in both colour (rather nice, especially the maps!) and black and white. The Kindle version was even available for free download on Sundays during March 2024 (and will be again, soon). The paperbacks and Kindle versions are cheap enough for every small group member to have a copy to write in, answer the incisive questions, and take notes. The problem is that, unless you have a Kindle Scribe, you cannot easily write answers to the questions or make notes, so you will probably each want a paperback copy.

If you would like a pile of these with a bulk discount for small group members, email me using the Covenant Books UK contact tab and I will let you have them for about half price + postage and packing. :) Many amazon Kindle customers can get these books free, of course. :)

Here is the Table of Contents to give you a flavour:-

1 Introduction 7
1.1 Historical background to Chronicles 7
1.2 Chronicles: Redressing the balance 10
2 The identity of the perfect kingdom 13
Study 1 ■ 1 Chronicles 1-9:34 – Just a boring list? 13
3 The kings of the perfect kingdom 17
Study 2 ■ 1 Chronicles 9:35-12:40 – David’s perfect reign begins? 19
Study 3 ■ 1 Chronicles 13-16 – Serving the perfect God 23
Study 4 ■ 1 Chronicles 16 – Thankful but divided worship 27
Study 5 ■ 1 Chronicles 17 ‒ The promised everlasting king 31
Study 6 ■ 1 Chronicles 18-20 ‒ The victory of the messianic king 35
Study 7 ■ 1 Chronicles 21:1–22:1 ‒ A mystery and the heart of the gospel 39
Study 8 ■ 1 Chronicles 22:1-19 – Solomon king of peace 43
Study 9 ■ 1 Chronicles 23-27 ‒ Levites and the priesthood of all believers 47
Study 10 ■ 1 Chronicles 28-29 ‒ David’s and Solomon’s hearts 51
Study 11 ■ 2 Chronicles 1-2 ‒ Solomon seeks God’s kingdom (at) first 55
Study 12 ■ 2 Chronicles 3-6 ‒ The perfect house of God 59
Study 13 ■ 2 Chronicles 7-9 ‒ Solomon, the perfect king? 63
4 The division of the perfect kingdom 67
Study 14 ■ 2 Chronicles 10-12 ‒ Imperfect King Rehoboam 69
Study 15 ■ 2 Chronicles 13-16 ‒ The LORD is with you while you are with him ... 73
Study 16 ■ 2 Chronicles 17-21:3 ‒ Jehoshaphat models repentance 77
Study 17 ■ 2 Chronicles 21:4-24:27 ‒ Families! 81
Study 18 ■ 2 Chronicles 25-28 ‒ How good is your king? 85
5 The continuation of the perfect kingdom? 91
Study 19 ■ 2 Chronicles 29-32 ‒ Hezekiah, a truly Christlike king 93
Study 20 ■ 2 Chronicles 33 ‒ Manasseh: Amazing Grace! 97
Study 21 ■ 2 Chronicles 34-35 ‒ Josiah delays disaster 103
Study 22 ■ 2 Chronicles 36:1-23 ‒ The end of the perfect kingdom? 107
6 Whatever happened to the perfect kingdom? 113
Appendix A – The Hebrew Bible (Tanak) 115
General Index 117
Scripture Index 121

A new book for those wondering about church membership

Local Church Membership booklet cover and Amazon page

Often, Christians can be a bit wary of becoming church members. They say,

"I'm already a church member because I am a member of Christ's universal church, I take communion, I've been baptised; why do I need to sign on the dotted line and commit myself to a local church?"

This book explains why. But not only 'why?', also how church membership locally produces lots of blessings for the new member and for other church members. The book deals with the theology behind local church membership, and then moves quickly into the spiritual motivations and practical applications. It even contains promises normally made upon becoming a church member, and a useful appendix for exploring in the Bible what it means to be a member in practice.

If you would like a pile of these to give to (prospective) church members, email me using the Covenant Books UK contact tab and I will let you have them for about half price + postage and packing. :) Many amazon Kindle customers can get these books free, of course. :)

Here is the Table of Contents to give you a flavour:-

1 Introduction 7
1.1 Historical background 7
1.2 Doubts about membership 9
2 ‘Think globally; act locally’ 11
2.1 The universal church 11
2.2 The local church 12
2.3 Joining the local church 13
3 Membership and culture 17
3.1 Just another club? 17
4 Membership leads to blessing 19
4.1 More blessed to give … 19
4.2 Christian maturity 21
4.3 Family love 22
5 ‘Dos’ and “Don'ts” 23
5.1 Set a Christ-like example 23
5.2 Be submissive 24
5.3 Balanced ‘Dos’ and “Don'ts” 24
6 Why not join? 27
6.1 Discipleship-Lite? 28
6.2 How we view God's people 28
6.3 The heart of the matter 29
6.4 The church itself? 30
7 Membership promises 31
7.1 Promises for new members 31
7.2 A promise for existing members 32
8 You might have asked … 33
8.1 Frequently Asked Questions 33
8.2 ‘Righteousness, peace and joy’ 34
Appendix - Helpful list of ‘Dos’ and “don'ts” 35
General Index 41
Scripture Index 43

A new book for those who lead services, take funerals etc., or pray publicly ...

Reformed Evangelical Ministry Resources book cover and Amazon page

Often, a bit of liturgy can be helpful during worship services and also during private devotions. These are the aims of the book:

  1. To provide useful and immediately reusable written forms of words that may be pronounced, recited or adapted according to local and contemporary usage.
  2. To inspire and educate those leading in worship so that even extempore prayers and blessings etc. are of improving quality, God-centredness and benefit.
  3. To help avoid the kind of empty repetition that happens when too small a variety of resources are readily available.
  4. The avoidance of dull, careless and occasionally heretical ‘continuity announcing’.
  5. To aid personal and family devotions.
I recall visiting a typical non-conformist EFCC or FIEC church during COVID in the UK. The chap leading the service was a competent preacher, but was lost for what to do between hymns and songs before the sermon. He alternated between Bible readings and leading in prayer. He could badly have done with a proper call to worship, closing benediction (blessing), a confession, some catechism questions, or a creed to recite, a confession to say together, etc. ... This book provides resources that will make every service gospel-shaped, as well as providing many resources that can be used alone or in families.

There is also a colour hardback available, as well as the usual paperback (ridiculously cheap, I think) , hardback and Kindle versions.

During October 2023, there are free downloads each Sunday of the Kindle/eBook version. My hope is that people will like the Kindle version and then buy a hard copy :).

Use the Amazon Read sample feature to check out the content. Notice how there are *four* extremely convenient ways of finding what you want: the Overview of Contents to get a quick summary of what is available; the Detailed Contents pages to enable you look-up specific items; the General Index; the Scripture Index. In the Kindle version you can, of course, search for whatever your device will let you do. It is also *free* for many Amazon customers :). Here is the Overview of Contents to give you a flavour:-

Overview of Contents 5
Detailed Contents 7
1 Introduction 15
2 Services 19
2.1 Sunday Morning Worship 19
2.2 Sunday Evening or Other Time of Worship 25
2.3 Lord's Supper (Communion) 26
2.4 Baptisms 39
2.5 Marriages (Weddings) 58
2.6 Funerals 83
3 Prayers 111
3.1 The Lord's Prayer 112
3.2 Prayers of Adoration 115
3.3 Prayers for Illumination 118
3.4 Prayer for the Church 120
3.5 Prayer for the World 122
3.6 Prayers for the Persecuted 123
3.7 Prayers of Thanksgiving 124
3.8 Prayers of Complaint 125
3.9 Prayer with the Unwell (Sick) 126
3.10 Prayer and Readings for Pastoral Visitation 128
3.11 Prayer with the Seeker 129
3.12 Prayer for the ‘Obstinate’ or Unrepentant 130
3.13 Calvin's Household Prayers 131
3.14 Paul's Epistolary Prayers 133
3.15 National Prayers 136
4 Confessions 143
4.1 Confessions of Sin 143
4.2 Confessions of Belief (Creeds) 152
5 Blessings (Benedictions) 163
5.1 Biblical Blessings 163
6 Other Resources 167
6.1 Calls to Worship 167
6.2 Doxologies 177
6.3 The Ten Commandments 182
6.4 The ‘Shema’ (from Deuteronomy 6:4-9) 184
6.5 The Greatest Commandment(s) 184
6.6 Encouragements to Confess Sin 185
6.7 Assurance of Pardon (Forgiveness) 189
6.8 Catechisms 196
General Index 205
Scripture Index 211

A book for Holiday/Sunday reading ...

Covenants for Evangelicals Five Covenant Model of Biblical Covenant Theology

Covenant Books UK has republished Covenants for Evangelicals. This is ideal to give to your theologically minded friends who are still Baptists and somehow don't "get" Reformed theology. They find Reformed theology attractive, but don't see how it all revolves around covenants. If you are distressed at all the young people in your church growing up somehow unconverted, then this book is for you. The book takes a ‘Biblical Theological’ approach in order to establish the Five Covenant Model of Covenant Theology (see the diagram).

Theological Articles and Stuff

This site endeavours to collect together theological material of practical import to Christians in cases where that material is not readily available on-line or in print.

  1. The Devil, the Christian and Thought Injection Can Satan plant brand new thoughts in your mind? A consideration of a popular myth and some relevant texts by D.W. Legg.
  2. How to Recover after Sinning Despite reading the above article about resisting the Devil, you just did your favourite sin again. So, has God written you off or what? Notes from a ‘Christian Basics Course’ run at Hounslow West Evangelical Church, by Chris Bennett.
  3. Our Brother Timothy Who did write the book of ‘Hebrews’? Can we know, or must it remain a mystery? By John Legg
  4. The Case for Infant Baptism Would you like to become a Covenant Baptist? Read this article by Chris Bennett and make your doctrine of baptism more biblical. See also
  5. The Meaning and Mode of Christian Baptism Many people have had a stab at writing what they think the true meaning of Christian baptism is. Too often, they read into Biblical texts meanings that they wish were there, but are not. This article attempts to answer the questions "What is baptism about?" and "How should it be done?" This is just a short, simple, article, but for a longer treatment, see Francis Schaeffer or Jay E. Adams. This article is dedicated to the elders of Ashford Congregational Church.
  6. Practical Atheism Are you a practical atheist? Give your faith a health check with the help of B.B. Warfield.
  7. Churches Together and Ecumenism What are the problems for Evangelicals who are tempted to join Churches Together? Surely the Bible doesn't have anything to say on the matter does it?
  8. Church Membership in a Post-Modern, Consumer, Society In the Western world, many churches find that fewer than half of the people in their Sunday congregations have committed themselves as church members. They are just consumers,along for the ride, but uncommitted. Is the notion of church membership biblical, or is it just an outmoded cultural manifestation?
  9. What is Worship? What is the purpose of Christian meetings? Have we slipped back into Old Testament worship? Chris Bennett explains.
  10. Bringing up Children for God (HTML) Perhaps you are a Christian parent, doing your very best to bring up your children according to the Bible so that they too become Christians. Perhaps you have lots of questions in your mind ...
  11. One-Two-Three A simple catechism for very young children. A cunning structure allows this catechism to be used with children in the age range under two to ten years old simultaneously.
  12. Children's Catechism A catechism for children, with a memory verse for each question, and a set of seven daily Bible readings. This catechism is suitable for use during daily family worship.
  13. Small Children's Bible Reading Notes Do you have youngsters who are too young for any published Bible reading notes. This example notes show how any parent can do his own DIY notes for 4 to 7 years olds.
  14. Theory for Interpreting Ecclesiastes Correctly Here is a sermon (14MB free MP3 download) introducing a preaching series in Ecclesiastes, called "Don't Do Life the Hard Way". It pre-digests Barry Webb's understanding of how to interpret Ecclesiastes correctly and applies it. Barry Webb's short, but stimulating commentary is in ‘Five Festal Garments’ from IVP.
  15. Introduction to Genesis and Exposition of Chapter 50v20 This is a 33 minute (18MiB) MP3 file of a sermon preached at Ashford Congregational Church on 29th Feb, 2010. It introduces the book of Genesis and focuses particularly on the key verse, 50v20, that summarises the message of the whole book. Applications are in the areas worshipping and trusting the sovereign God, and basing forgiveness of others on a belief in God's sovereignty.
  16. Simple Bioethics information for Christians (and others, who want to honour God with their gametes)
    At the end of the 20th Century, Christians were all fired-up and well-informed about bioethics. The 1967 UK Abortion Act seemed to be implementing atheism as the new anti-christian orthdoxy. But since the dawn of the 21st Century, Christians seem to have forgotten about bioethics. We have been worn down by the world's relentless pressure. Time to revisit some basics ...
  17. Showing Respect to Genesis Chapter One What are the days (yoms) that are built into the structure of Genesis Chapter One? Are they periods of time? Have you been reading Sunday Skool lessons back into Genesis One, or Ken Ham propaganda? Find out, but please don't get upset. Approach the sacred text afresh.

Bible Study Ideas

Arrangements of Old Songs/Hymns to New Music

These arrangements were made in Rosegarden (rosegarden4) for Linux under Fedora 8 or earlier, and are free to download also as PDF files and MIDI files.

Links to Other People's Stuff

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