How to Make Start with UK English Language en_GB Selected

By David Legg, 2007. Back to Home Page
Most UK users of Linux and will download the US version and install it. This has the irritating side effect that the default language is set up to be American instead of English, i.e. en_US instead of en_GB.
This means that youhave to go into Tools->Options->Language Settings->Languages in openoffice and change the default language from English (USA) (i.e. American) to English (UK).
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A better way, is to add the following line to certain text files that get executed when is started.

export LANG=en_GB

This can be added to this file:
You will need to 'su -' or use sudo or whatever to edit this file as root. If this doesn't work for you, other places to consider adding the line to these files:
So, for example, /usr/bin/ooffice would look like this after editing:
export LANG=en_GB
exec /usr/lib/openoffice.org2.0/program/soffice "$@"
This works on Fedora Core 5 and FC6, but please email me at dwlegg a t gmail d o t com if you can confirm that this works with other distros, or doesn't etc etc.
Note that you might find that updates to overwrite this modification, so you could have to re-edit the relevant files.

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